Clear Guise
Overbust Corset

Underbust Corset

Underbust Corset

In Vein
Underbust Corset

Ribbon Corset

Rockabilly Baast
Overbust Corset

Cobalt Strip
Overbust Corset

Snow Leopard
Underbust Corset

See the items description for style prices.
Style A.
Lined with a heavy cotton or denim fabric. Whaleboning is used to provide more shape and take .5"-1.5" off of the waistline (no whales will be hurt as it is very heavy, high quality plastic). Prices in styles are available in the description field of the item.

Style B.
: Also lined with a heavy cotton, these corsets are properly reinforced and use steel boning to pull inches off of the waistline. Proper care and use is a must and neither Faernyn's Grove nor any individual affiliated is responsible for injuries due to improper use.

Faernyn's Grove specializes in custom made corsets, gothic, cyber, and fetish, and renaissance inspired clothing.
Our handcrafted corsets can be customized for the light hearted, or the most serious of waist trainers.
From the petite to plus sized, all of our products are of the highest quality and are guaranteed.

We offer gothic, exotic, fetish, renaissance, bondage, and medieval corsets, including plus size corsets.
We also take custom orders for bellydance, stiltwalking, and firedance costumes,
bridal gowns, bridal corsets, and SCA costumes.
We work with many fabrics, including leather, vinyl (PVC), silk, rubber, velvet, cotton, and canvas.
Be on the look out for our soon to come Organics line of sustainable-fabric clothing.

Be sure to look for us in Skin Two Magazine, Gothic Beauty Magazine, and Feedback Magazine!